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Live with nature and garden like a Witch……

Hello, I’m Haile, I live in a little house with my lovely family in the center of England. It’s pretty urban round here, but there are plenty of green spaces if you know where to look and we are always looking. We have a small suburban garden, a half plot organic allotment, a little clutch of chickens and ducks and a 1976 VW Bay Window Camper-van, called Sven. We are hoping this year to breed our first brood of Call Ducks.

Harebell and Betony is a home herbal journal with other magical and seasonal whims. We try our best to live a seasonal life by eating local and fresh and growing our own food and herbs where we can. I follow the seasons of the natural world and the moon especially,  and I research and make simple recipes and natural potions from herbs and essential oils. I read Tarot cards, enjoy folklore from near and far and I believe in the power of nature to renew and nourish.

This is an eclectic, seasonal collection of recipes, thoughts and ideas. I am not an expert in anything, just an enthusiastic reader and dabbler, who likes to try new things and write about them.

Thank you so much for visiting, have a good look around,  you are most welcome and please do share with me if you have any thoughts.

Haile x

Why Harebell & Betony?

I love wild, native flowers, herbs and plants, and Harebells are the most beautiful delicate, blue/purple. Hare’s are one my favorite animals, and if you hear the tinkling of silver bells, you know the faeries are close by! Betony is a very old plant, with lots of folklore attached to it, and it grows in some of my favorite places to be, at the edges of ancient woodlands.

IMG_0033Harebell – a widely distributed bellflower with slender stems and pale blue flowers in late summer. Harebells seem delicate, but they are deceptively tough and resilient.

Betony – is commonly known as common hedgenettle, betony, purple betony, wood betony, bishopwort, or bishop’s wort. Wood Betony has an enduring reputation as a protective plant and is becoming less common as the edges of our natural woodlands retreat.


IMG_0032I would be happy to review products or promote events from like minded people – please email hailereed@yahoo.co.uk or you can find me on Twitter HaileReed@HarebellBetony and Instagram HaileReed@HamsteadHarebell



  1. Years ago I helped a friend with her homework for a university anthropology course she was taking with a focus on witchcraft. As part of that work she wrote a paper on the movie, “Bell, Book, and Candle”. We must have watched it a dozen times as we picked out all the hidden and not so hidden symbolisms.

    It remains a favourite movie of mine.


    1. I love it too. I love the way it looks in particular. I always feel a little let down by the end though. I much prefer Gillian as a Witch in black selling African and tribal arts, than the pretty coral selling Gillian at the end. Personally I would have stuck with the cat!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi there, sorry it has taken a while, I would love for my site to be listed! Thank you! I had a baby last year so it’s all been a bit quite with the blog, hoping to get more time to post over the coming months. Thanks for your lovely comments and good luck with your site x


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