Beltane and the Full Flower Moon in Scorpio

The Full Moon of May is known as Flower Moon to signify the flowers that bloom during this month. There is a myriad of wildflowers which bloom in May in the Northern Hemisphere, where these traditional Full Moon names originated. For example, many types of anemone, wild garlic, primrose, bluebells and violets, to name just a few. It is no wonder that the colorful displays these flowers create in nature have inspired people to name this time after them. Other names for May’s brightest Moon phase are Corn Planting Moon, and Milk Moon. I personally find this Moon very loving and restorative, it arrives at a time of the year when everything is being made new again and anything is possible, we plant our first seeds under this moon, we make our holiday plans, we feel the heat of the sun again after the winter and see the colour return to our lives.

This full moon is in Scorpio, so this is an especially passionate and mysterious Moon, although don’t be surprised if you find yourself having to confront issues from the past, or the parts of yourself you like the least before basking in the full glory of this moon – but don’t be put off, the feeling of restoration will be all the more complete because of this darker exploration. The full moon also coincides with Beltane or May Day the ancient fire festival of fertility, so this is a hugely positive time for new plans, drawing on inner strength and finding your own inner fire. Use the energy from the earth, to get done what you need to do!

Here are some simple ways to celebrate the Full Moon and Beltane….

Selection of Herbs, Plants and Flowers to enhance your celebrations…..

Frankincense; to be added to incense to celebrate the growing sunlight.

Ivy; to be worn in wreaths around the head.

Marigold Petals; gathered from the previous Autumn and used to purify your circle.

May Baskets; small baskets of flowers and home-made treats to be left at the doors of friends – this should be done anonymously as if a gift from the universe itself.

Meadowsweet; To be used in magic if you want a May Eve wish for a romantic mate.

Roses; Any roses are appropriate for this ritual.

Woodruff; If possible source some Woodroof May Wine.

Renewal Spell In an outdoor space light a fire or a candle and have a jar of freshly gathered flowers and leaves. Feel the energy of the earth all around and the power of the sun in the sky and try to focus on all that is abundant in your life already and on all you wish to see grow over the coming months. Then repeat these simple words…

‘may the fire of Beltane burn within as we build our fires high’

Leave the items and walk around the altar three times, then slowly walk the path back to your home. Listen for the sound of laughter and bells and know you are blessed.

To bless the home light a candle from the outside Beltane fire and bring it inside, asking the God and Goddess to bring the power of renewal, fertility and joy of the festival to the occupants of the house and all their endeavors.

Leave the candle to burn somewhere safe overnight.

Most importantly take 5 minutes to connect with yourself, and connect with the energy of the earth and find a way that works for you to bring this into your life. Be grateful to the earth, and all her may gifts and blessings and she will look after you. Now is a time to celebrate.

Happy Beltane….let your May fires roar….

Haile x

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