New Moon – The Raven

Today (Tuesday 16th April 2018) is a new moon in Aries, and this may explain the feeling of restlessness in the air. I don’t think this is being helped by what feels like a very late spring. I have been working with Danielle Barlows – Green Wheel Oracle cards, they are absolutely beautiful, you can take a better look at the deck here – Little Red Tarot. My card for this new moon is The Raven. I know Ravens do not generally have a good reputation, with people finding them ugly, or scary or frightening, but I love them. I think you can see the intelligence behind their eyes, and their glossy black wings are rich and full of luster. Dig into the folklore of the raven and you will find a wonderfully diverse history of tales across all cultures – possibly with the connection to Odin being the most prevalent, but what is clear is the long history they have had of dividing opinions and representing both good and bad luck. The raven is often both sides of the same coin, in an intelligent, playful way.

In the Green Wheel Oracle the raven appears as a reminder to ‘lead the way’ and find a forward path. He is reminding us during this new moon of restlessness to use our intelligence, to look before we leap, and to respect our connection to others. the raven is all about the bigger picture, the bird’s eye view and also just as importantly making sure we have the tools and the strength to forge ahead with our plans.

This new moon especially, I am taking this message of gaining strength and gathering tools to heart. We have had a few bad weeks of illness in the house and everyone is run down, so I feel more than ever this is the moon to recuperate and gather strength and maybe be a little more realistic about what can be achieved in the next few weeks. I personally am going to try to be a little kinder to myself, to take projects and plans one step at time and not feel the demand to do everything all at once.

So, keeping in mind the raven, here are my new moon goals for the next few weeks –

  • get out in the garden when I can, the sun is set to come out and I have seeds to plant. Usually I find this time of year overwhelming, but I am not going to feel like that, I am going to do what I can, when I can and place the importance on enjoying it rather than finishing everything perfect – if things don’t get done so be it! It will still be better than before I started.
  • drink more water! I really notice the difference to my energy levels and general well-being when I have dehydrated and I want to get back into the habit of drinking more water.
  • getting more sleep, closely linked to drink more water! I want to get back into the routine of a better night-time routine and making sure I am relaxing more before bedtime, to hopefully avoid the constant night waking – this is not always easy to do after a few weeks of disturbed sleeps, but having a goal is a good place to start.
  • start tackling some spring cleaning and tidying – nothing major, but just picking one small area a week to really clean and organise properly.
  • try to interrupt myself when I am worrying about things that have not happened – I do this all the time – worrying about events in the future, and actually sometimes the things I worry about never happen and just as often they do happen and they are absolutely fine!

I know many people enjoy doing rituals for the new moon. I rarely do anything elaborate preferring instead to just gather a few flowers and greenery for my little ‘altar’, light a candle, burn some incense or oils and just take 10 minutes to think about what I want to achieve in the next few weeks, it then gives you a little space to come back over the next week or so to revisit and remember that sense of peace and purpose.

Wishing you new moon blessings.

Haile x

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