The Best Natural Chicken Pox Remedies…..

We have just been struck by a particularly nasty batch of Chicken Pox. My 2-year-old came down with spots about 8 days ago, and gradually over the week he became more and more sick. He had a very high temperature and wouldn’t eat or drink, he then developed a swelling on his face which we then discovered was an infection and he ended up in hospital. He is thankfully getting better now, but I wanted to share a few of the remedies I found to be useful for easing some of his discomfort over the past week.

Firstly was the common sense things, he was more comfortable in loose clothes and in a room with plenty of air circulating, but without him getting cold. I was struggling to get him to drink enough fluids, but found that having a few different drink options helped. He stopped having a ‘baby bottle’ a while ago but he would drink better from a bottle, so I have let him have this again for a few days, it must be a comfort thing.

The absolute best thing for his spots was a warm bath with oatmeal, lavender and chamomile. You can tie the oatmeal in a muslin bag no just swirl it through the water. It is incredibly healing and soothing to skin. I also used a few drops of Lavender Oil and some Chamomile flowers. Both Lavender and Chamomile are anti-inflammatory and have mild anti-septic qualities and are gentle enough to use for children.

I tried using Calamine option but to be honest this seemed to upset him more, so I used my homemade Lavender Balm on the fiercest spots and this worked well. You can find the recipe here – Lavender Balm.  Pure Aloe Vera Gel also worked very well, this seemed to provide instant cooing relief.

He has been having regular baby paracetamol to keep his temperature down, but I didn’t realise until I spoke with the GP that it is recommended not to give Ibuprofen to children with Chicken pox, it can lead to increased risk of infection. My son did end up getting a secondary infection from chicken pox, and as with all these things, the best thing you can do is trust your instincts. I knew he should have been getting better and he wasn’t, so when you feel like this, trust your instincts and get them checked out.

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