Making candles from old jars and tea cups….

It is so simple to make candles from old jars,tea cups and pretty much anything deep enough to carry a wick and wax. I use these candles for rituals, candle magic and just for burning around the house and I always use 100% natural soya wax. You can buy synthetic aromas and colours to add to candles but if I do want to add a scent I only use essential oils as I am wary about breathing in anything synthetic if I can avoid it. Our poor bodies have enough toxicity to cope with without pumping it out in our homes.

You will need:

  • At least 200g of soya wax
  • Wicks
  • Something to stick your wick to the bottom of the candle with
  • Tea cups,jars, old candle containers
  • Microwave
  • Microwaveable jug

I order my supplies from the Internet, never had a problem and always ended up with good quality soya wax. You need to attach your wicks to the bottom of the clean jar, you can use glue or you can buy these special glue spots especially for this purpose. I don’t do it this way but you can, I prefer to use a wax coated wick,this makes it slightly more rigid and just push it into the candle when it has nearly set. For the wax you will need 2 times the volume of the container. Simply measure it out and then drop into your microwaveable jug. Put the jug in the microwave and start with 2-3 minutes, it melts relatively quickly so keep an eye on it. When it is all liquid, poor into your candle holder. If you chosen a soft wick with a glues base use something like a chopstick or a skewer to keep your wick straight as the candle wax solidifies. If you are using my poked in method just wait for the wax to have nearly set and then push it in the middle. If you would like to add a fragrance, then pop a few drops of your chosen oil directly into the candle holder as the wax is half melted but still liquid,this should guard against evaporation of the oils. I do sometimes add dried flowers and herbs from my garden, but if you do add these never these candles unattended,it is unlikely but they could catch fire.

I have wonderful fun looking for old tea cups and jars at charity shops and car boot sales. They make wonderful gifts and are a joy to use for any ritual/magic etc who wouldn’t love the gift of an enchanted candle?



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