The Wild Wood Tarot – Spring Equinox – Pull Back your Bow….

The Wild Wood Tarot is a wonderfully illustrative tarot deck based upon the wheel of the year and the archetypes that you would find in the primeval Wild Wood that once upon a time covered Europe. It is a nature based tarot deck and I find it very appealing and easy to work with. I rarely do Tarot readings for people, using it more personally, to draw cards for the day or the week, or for specific circumstances and to act as a guide to encourage fresh perspectives and attitudes, but when I have used this deck for readings, it works well.

Tuesday March 20th was the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, this marks the day when the day and night/light and dark are equal and from this point forward we will see more light than dark each day. As the Wild Wood Tarot follows this Wheel of the Year, here are the archetypes that correspond to the Equinox and my interpretation of them as well as the guidance notes…

Theme ‘Time of Arrows’ – Air

The ‘Time of Arrows’ falls from Imbolc (Gateway to Spring) to Beltane (May Day) the Equinox falls exactly in the middle, if you were thinking astrology the Equinox would be the ‘fixed’ element of Air. Arrows represent creative intellect, ambition, and communication. There is a wonderful quote used in the book for the Wild Wood Tarot from Albert Einstein;

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift”

In the Wild Wood, where navigating by intuition is the key to finding a successful path…..

The Shaman – Heart of the Wood.  The journey really begins. He is the wild man of the woods, the Merlin, the ancestral memory of wild animals and the link between worlds. He is the path between our animal nature and our ‘human’ nature. He is all about the journey and not so much the destination and about trusting our own animal instincts. He also embodies the sheer joy in the natural world, and the surprises that nature gives us every day. He is the part of our souls that longs for the Wild Wood, the glimpse of a Wolf, the shadow of a Lynx, the flight of an Eagle. As the world around us wakes up – this card is about the inner joy this brings on an instinctual and emotional level. Awaken your inner Shaman and trust his thoughts.

The Archer – Inner Human Level. This is about how we internalise these themes. For me when I see bows and arrows and Archers, I always think of Artemis – the Greek Goddess of the Hunt, The Moon and The Forests. The Archer is the flaming arrow of intellect, intuition and imagination – however this is also about knowing yourself and letting your arrows fly true. The Archer is a new adventure, a connection with the land but not without first pausing to take stock. Point your arrows first, aim and have a plan.

The Stag – The Outer Human Level. The true companion of Artemis is the Deer and the Stag (as well as her hunting dogs) The Stag represents the universal balance, as at the Equinox, the light and dark are perfectly aligned. The Stag reminds us to take responsibility for our actions, as the The Archer reminds us to pause before letting those arrows fly. There are rules and responsibilities of society, however there are also rules and responsibilities of nature and it is from these I believe many of us have become divorced. We are animals, we have had a place within nature, we have stepped outside of this immeasurably, destroying habitats and ecosystems.

To take the three cards as a whole, we must use the wisdom, wonder and natural intuition of the Shaman, to set a path of action, that will lead us back into the woods and our place within the land, the Spring Equinox is the time to try to do this on a personal level.

Happy Equinox x



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