March New Moon Magic

Saturday the 17th March brings a new moon in Pisces. March is special this year as it has two full moons. The first of the full moons was on the 2nd of the month and the next one will be this new moon on the 31st March. We will also have the spring equinox/ostara sandwiched in the middle on the 20th March.

The second full moon of a month is fairly rare, happening usually around once a year, this moon has become commonly known as a ‘blue moon’ however in the old almanacs when all the moons went by names, the blue moon was the name given to the ‘spare’ moon in a season. So you had the early winter moon, middle winter moon and the late winter moon and the last moon would be the blue moon.

I think we are too far into Spring for this to be a spare winter moon, so I am thinking this is the ‘Lenten Moon’ which just means lengthening moon and is a name found in old Celtic and medieval almanacs , and this would make sense with the equinox falling on the 20th March and the days after this point being more light than dark and ‘lengthening’.

New moons mark the start of a cycle and I love the new moon that falls near ostara as the two energies compliment each other beautifully. It is a wonderful time for clearing away the dust of the winter and welcoming in the new brightness of the spring. If you have an ‘altar’ use yellow and white flowers, lots of green foliage and I like white candles for moon rituals, but this is personal taste. I don’t really do fancy rituals, but I do like in the hours after the new moon to light a white candle on a freshly cleaned and cleared altar and set some goals for the next moon cycle. I find that simply pausing a few times a month just to connect with the phase of the moon, and to spend a few moments thinking of plans, goals and achievements and really what it is you need as a person creates a welcome anchor in a busy life.

If you like to burn oils then I think the fresh smelling, woody oils go well with this new moon, like rosemary, pine and patchouli. Another simple ritual for a new moon is to gather some fresh herbs and tie them in a little bunch and run a bath with the herbs just under the tap as it runs. You can add some Epsom or Himalayan salts for an extra cleansing and relaxing bath and then after a long soak, light your white candle on a clean altar and welcome in the new moon, the lengthening days and all the clean, bright goodness of Spring. Keep it simple and pure.

Happy new Lenten moon x


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