Rose Petal and Rosemary Bath Salts….

I always get a little frustrated this time of year, I want Spring to arrive faster than it ever does and I am always anxious to get back out into the garden and to get growing and making again. I have been casting around for what I can use whilst I wait for my herbs, fruit and veg and came up with this lovely little recipe for bath salts using dried rose petals from a regular bouquet. It also uses Rosemary which is evergreen so I do still have a lovely big healthy plant in the garden/although this time of year you want to only harvest very small amounts of the hardier herbs such as Rosemary and Sage. Always harvest a whole stem rather than the leaves alone (as pictured) and only take the new growth stems and not the wooden heart of the plant.


Rosemary – is for ‘remembrance’, use Rosemary to improve focus, memory, concentration and digestion. Rosemary has a very uplifting fragrance and magically can be used for cleansing, love and protection.

Roses – are for love, and they are also very good for your skin. Rose oil is expensive to buy so make the most of any you have.

Pink Himalayan Salts – you can use Epsom salts, but I like the colour of these salts with the dried rose petals. These salts are high in mineral content and make the skin soft and supple. They will also help relieve any aches and pains. Salt is always cleansing.

To Make…..roughly!

  • 3 tablespoon of dried rose petals
  • 1 tablespoon of rosemary
  • 200g Pink Himalayan Sal

You can dry your rose petals for a few days by lying them out somewhere warm or you can dry them for around 48 hours and then layer them into the salts mix.,it just depends if you want petals in your bath or a sprinkling or rose petals.


You can use dried Rosemary but I prefer to use fresh, just chop it up really finely. Mix all the ingredients together in a jar, if you are layering the petals, just do a layer of salt, a sprinkling of rosemary and a layer of petals etc. Leave for around 24 hours for the smells to blend and then pop a scoop or two into a nice warm bath. This will happily keep for up to 3 months.





    1. I do! Every year more make it into my garden, and all the roses I have are for a person or to remember an event etc My Lemon Balm/Melissa has made its way quite rampantly into my roses and I am really enjoying that combination.

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