Ace of Pentacles, an earthy kind of weekend….

I am pretty sure that pentacles are my favorite suite, earthy, magical and grounded. Originally just plain old ‘coins’ or discs representing money, practicality and work, which of course Pentacles still do, but with the introduction of the Pentagram (five-pointed star) they evolved from coins to pentacle and as such embodied the magic of the earth and nature at its purest form. The Pentagram itself is considered magical because of the five points representing the human body, the five elements (including spirit) and many flowers are five petaled or pointed. The Pentagram invokes the beauty of the human body and the natural world.

The Ace of Pentacles is the gift of earth, it represents grounding, nature and practicality and works well as a complimentary card to The Magician with its themes of nature, work and money. The Ace in most decks shows a protected space of a paradise garden, an Eden and the gift of its bounty. On the Llewellyn Classic Deck, white lilies have been used and in the Dame Darcy Mermaid deck (which I love) the mermaid is in a magical underwater garden, which I can never look at without of thinking of The Beatles song, Octopus’ Garden – I am yet to decide if this is a good association! For me personally, this card is Jasmine, abundant, highly perfumed, five pointed jasmine, bending over archways and passageways out of the paradise garden and into the wider world, with its roots grounded firmly and strongly in the earth. Another contender is the Apple Tree, early spring blossoms, late summer fruits and the gift of security and abundance.

I pulled the Ace of Pentacles as my daily card on Saturday and as we planned to work in the garden and the allotment over the weekend, I was pleased to see this card. Quite literally creating a space to enjoy nature in. On Saturday we dug a new pond in the back garden, and Sunday we spent the morning at the Allotment, mostly spreading horse manure onto empty beds, it was very glamorous. I loved every minute, after what feels like a long, long winter, it felt so good to get out and dig, and plan for Spring, and a little robin joined us, looking for unearthed worms and the signs of early spring were everywhere if you just took a few moments to look, and it rained a little and then the sun came out and the clouds came back and everywhere you could feel the coiled up power of the season ready to bounce back into life.

So this to me is the Ace of Pentacles, she is the gift of Gaia – Mother Earth, she is the dirt under your finger nails, the robin in the vegetable patch, the security of a fertile soil, and the pleasure in sowing what you plan to reap…the work, the growth, the harvest.

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