The Forest Lovers

For Valentines Day I wanted to take a closer look at The Forest Lovers and The Two of Vessels from The Wildwood Tarot.

The Forest Lovers stand at Beltane on the wheel of the year, May 1st, ancient festival of fire and fertility. The time of the year marks the flow of energy from Air to Fire. The Forest Lovers represent the archetypal forest lovers, such as Marian and Robin, but I would go one step further and suggest they can also represent the God and Goddess, particularly with the God as a horned forest God such as Pan. Everywhere at this time of year things are coming back into life, the earth is beginning to stir, the animals are pairing to mate and the earth is renewing. The Forest Lovers represent fruitfulness, harmony and the blending of male and female energies, this is the spark of life, the blending of two, that creates a three.

I also wanted to look at the The Two of Vessels – Attraction – in The Wildwood Tarot. I think in this deck, it turns the two cards slightly around for me. Traditionally I would read The Lovers as attraction, sexual desire and a young, overwhelming love (possibly sometimes obsessive – particularly if The Devil also pops up in a spread) and The Two of Cups as the more day-to-day love – no less a love, in fact an argument can be made for it being more ‘real’, the kind of love that comes from forging a deep partnership and knowledge of a person that endures when the initial attraction has waned. In this deck however The Two of Vessels, has more of the attraction energy. I particularly love the shape of their bodies and the way water flows freely from their hands, they mirror each others bodies, the element flows beautifully through them, and their animal head represent the animal element to desire and attraction. They are following a primal, instinct so natural it flows.

Love (beautifully worded by The Wildwood Tarot) is the universal gift of a generous heart and the Two of Vessels is the initial attraction and exploration of that potential before it develops (if indeed it does) into the commitment and fulfillment of The Forest Lovers.

Either way, I think the energies of both are very welcome on Valentines Day, and I will be wishing everyone more love in their lives.

Haile x



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