The Snow Moon, The Star & the early morning….

February is often the time when we see some of the coldest weather of the season, a last thrust of winter before it finally bows out to Spring, as fresh and cold as a river pebble. Thursday (15th Feb 2018) brings a new moon in Aquarius, the sign of the water carrier, and if you follow the old English almanacs naming of the moons, the Snow Moon.

Card 17 – The Star is linked with Aquarius, with many images using the image of a nude woman on one knee pouring water from one jug to another – the water carrier.


The English word ‘star’ may originate from Ishtar/Astarte,the first of the Goddesses likely to have evolved into Aphrodite/Venus, with of course Venus often being referred to as the morning star. Another Goddess linked with the stars is Greek Titan Goddess Asteria. She was the Goddess of ‘Falling stars, and night-time divination’ and the Mother of Hecate, Goddess of Witches. Hecate accompanied Demeter (Goddess of Earth) into the Underworld to try to rescue Persephone from Hades, who had imprisoned her. Asteria had one sister,  Leto and she was the Mother of Artemis – Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt. Asteria is closely associated with early Astrology and divining by Stars. She is ancient, universal, inspirational and open to prophecy. You can see her influence in the The Star.

Borage or Star-flower, as it is often called, has been used as far back as the Celts, with traditional herbals describing its properties as being ‘to fortify the inner self and enable feelings of happiness and joy, even during the most difficult of crises’…this again is The Star, following on as it does from the catastrophe of card 16 – the Tower. Borage flowers are pale blue (although there is a white variety) and shaped into a five point star, hence ‘star-flower’.  Plants and herbs that have white star-shaped flowers are often associated with the Goddess and as such protection and healing – like the Rowan for example, lending another layer of healing projection into the card.

The New Moon marks the start of a cycle, a new beginning, a fresh start and Aquarius, sign of innovation and awakening complements the energy of the Star. The Star brings with it hope, restoration, healing and recovery. There is a calmness and a stillness and a beauty. It is the darkness just before the dawn, the early morning star. The Star is not the exhaustion at the end of a busy day, when you finally curl up in the bed, The Star is the quietness of the very early morning, when everyone else in the house is asleep and you creep into the garden, the grass wet with dew, to listen to the very early songbirds and watch the last stars fade into dawn. The Star is restorative and she is astral in her healing, gentle reach.


For the New Moon, creep out into that early morning dawn….you may even be lucky to catch a little late winter snow.

Haile x

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