Two of Wands….Choices, Partnerships

It never fails to amaze me when on my daily draw cards I consistently keep getting the same card. Now, first let me say, I am a good shuffler! I riffle the deck, I split, I hand cut and do all sorts of things that take my fancy and even then when I split a deck I tend to go with gut instinct as to what card to pick rather than take the first one and yet, for the third or fourth time in a week now I have pulled the Two of Wands again, and it could not be more appropriate.

  • Wands – Fire, Work, creativity
  • Twos – Partnerships and choices – look at those wands – its one or the other?

In a nutshell, I have had to make an important decision about work. It was a choice, and it was a choice I could not make lightly. I picked up Kitchen Table Tarot by Melissa Cynova and the last line of her advice for this card was ‘look before you leap’ and this really range true with me. I had been preoccupied with the choice, I had not followed the decisions through to their final outcomes and considered how in reality that might sit with me. I had also delayed making a decision, which bought me time to think things through properly.

I believe the Two of Wands can be a tricky card to read alone. In the context of a reading you can see some likely outcomes of that choice, or even the nature of the restlessness. He has the world in his hands and yet he gazes longingly out to sea….. and there is a second duality in the card that is doing a job well and then seeing the benefits. He stands gazing out to see, from his palace, is he content to stay and enjoy his achievements or does he seek further adventure and challenges. Use intuition and wisdom to decide, but also do not be afraid to take a little time to make the right decision.

In this Dame Darcy Mermaid Deck, I do like the way that he looks like Poldark, I mean, he is always trying to decide between Demelza or Elizabeth? (Demelza obviously!!)

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