Queen of Pentacles – Nature Provides

My daily draw card today is the Queen of Pentacles. My favorite of the Queens, with her deep connection and appreciation of the earth. She sits upon her throne, fully entwined with the vines and blossoms around her. A rabbit sits gently at her feet, and spring fills the card with hope, promise and confidence. I feel my own nature within this Queen strongly, with her deep connection to natural world and her desire to grow things. She pulls her strength from nature. She knows and believes in herself, and has successfully used her connection to the earth to find her place upon it. When we know and trust ourselves, and are able to block out the distractions life throws at us we make our best choices. When I forget myself, this is the card that reminds me where I get my strength, and I get my strength from the earth. So what does this actually mean? Well, it’s really simple, when I’m feeling confused, or angry or out of sorts, I know I have to get outside. I just need to be in some green! I have always grown herbs and vegetables and flowers, because it makes me happy, I keep chickens and rabbits and ducks (in my tiny garden) because they bring joy to my heart and they remind me what I love about life. I am sure everyone will have an element they draw this strength from, and it pays dividends to find it. What is the thing you do, that makes you feel the most like you? Mine is gardening, yours might be chatting to a friend, being artistic, being successful at work or serving your community somehow?

The Queen of Pentacles as ‘water of earth’ brings passionate love to everyday life, she lives and gives abundantly, confident in the the power of nature to renew and provide, aligned strongly with the Empress and bonded deeply with the earth. She is strong, as are all the Queens, she is empowered in her own position and she uses this power to support others, not just to grow, but too thrive.


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