The Blue Moon & Tarot

13 Moons with the Tarot

Wednesday 31st January is the Full Moon. The second full Moon in a month has commonly become known as the ‘Blue Moon’, however this is not always the case. In early almanacs the Moons were assigned names according to the season in which they would fall, (I like to use Moon names from the Celtic, Medieval), so for example, Winter Moons would be the Blood Moon (November), this follows the last Moon of Autumn, the Hunters Moon, (and would be when livestock was slaughtered in preparation for the months ahead), then the Oak Moon/Cold Moon for December, and then the Wolf Moon for January.

So if a true ‘Blue Moon’ is actually the spare Moon of a season, I don’t think this is really a ‘Blue Moon’, I think this is the Full Wolf Moon, (Full Blood Moon – Dec 3rd, Oak/Cold Moon 2nd Jan, Wolf Moon 31st Jan), however I could be wrong, and as it is the second Full Moon in a month, by modern interpretation it is a ‘Blue Moon’ – so I am probably splitting hairs.

Interestingly, there is no Full Moon in February, so March will also have two Full Moons. I think the first Moon in March is the ‘real’ Blue Moon, so they will fall as follows throughout the year;

  • Jan 2nd (Winter) Cold Moon
  • Jan 31st (Winter) Wolf Moon
  • March 1st (Winter) BLUE MOON
  • March 31st (Spring) Plough/Lenten Moon
  • April 29th (Spring) Seed Moon
  • May 29th (Spring) Bright/Mothers Moon
  • June 28th (Summer) Rose Moon
  • July 27th (Summer) Mead Moon
  • August 26th (Summer) Grain Moon
  • September 25th (Autumn) Harvest Moon
  • October 24th (Autumn) Hunter’s Moon
  • November 23rd (Autumn) Blood Moon
  • December 22nd (Winter) Oak/Cold Moon

There will also be a total lunar eclipse of the Moon tomorrow at 1.29pm (GMT) but, I confess, I have no idea how visible this will be.

The Full Moon will be in Leo, and in honour of the bright, shining, Leo I have picked a card I think will work well with this Moons energy.

The Ace of Wands…


Aces represent the very nature of a Suit, and what better to represent Leo, (the fixed fire sign) than the fiery Wands. The Ace is about setting a goal, doing the work and getting a much-needed helping hand from the universe on the way. This Ace is pure energy, and so is Leo at its best. Use this Full Moon to build energy, health and optimism, this is a wonderful Moon to have at the start of the year, and at the gateway to a new season, so full of new beginnings and exciting challenges. 

Shown above is the Ace of Wands from the Wild Unknown Deck, I think it captures the energy of this Moon. expansion, inspiration, but do remember to use good judgement….it is still The Moon after-all… of dreams, intuition and emotions.

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