Five of Pentacles….can you hear the choir singing?

Today’s card is the Five of Pentacles….disconnected from hope but relief is right around the corner.

Reading this card intuitively the first thing I feel with the Llewellyn Classic Deck is the cold. You can feel the weariness and the aching limbs in the couple trudging through the snow, but if you listen you can hear a choir singing just inside the church and all they must do is look up to see the warm lights of the stained glass and the promise of refuge from within. 

I pulled this card today and I knew exactly what it was telling me. We have been having major building works happen over the last 3 months, and it has been hugely inconvenient and stressful, however today for the first time in weeks it finally feels like the project is back on track and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are not at the door to the Church yet, but we are on the path, and I am pretty sure that Church is going to have roast potatoes……we’ve had no kitchen for 3 months and it turns out the single most thing we crave with no oven is roast potatoes, that makes me feel very English.

What I am struggling with, is what deck to use. The Llewellyn Classic Deck tells the story of the card perfectly, but it just doesn’t inspire me. I love the art and style of the Dame Darcy, but for me I am unsure if it evokes the same depth of feeling, there is no movement in the card, refuge is represented in the lights in the sky, but for me this five is about movement. I think what I really want is a RWS clone deck that has beautiful art and symbolism, but I am struggling to find one that I can connect with, so I keep coming back to the Dame Darcy. I do genuinely love this deck, which I am surprised about, I am not whimsical and live in the land locked Midlands, it makes me smile, but can I use it as my main deck? I am not so sure.

Still a little longer to go until I get my answer…

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