Daily Card; Six of Cups…a closer look

For the second day out of three I have pulled the Six of Cups as my daily card. Using the Dame Darcy Mermaid Deck, my first intuitive reading of the card was one of a proposal. This rang true for how the day unfolded, but now having pulled the card again, I feel the need to look closer at some of the other meanings, such as nostalgia or more negatively being stuck in the past or being naive.

Looking deeper this is a card of childhood play, creativity and a disconnection from the obligations and responsibilities of adulthood, this sounds wonderful doesn’t it? but I am also cautious that it warns that a situation may require a little adult wisdom.

The suit of Cups represent emotions in the tarot and here in the Dame Darcy Deck the cups are filled with plants and roses, and a young man is down on one knee offering his gift of flowers to a Mermaid, on an idealized beach with blue skies and rainbows. Two things bother me – What is a Mermaid going to do with a cup full of earth and flowers? And Cups should be filled with water! She has had to come out of her natural element to except this gift that she cannot take with her, but still she looks doe eyed and happy into his eyes. Here perhaps is the warning of naivety and the pointer to not get so caught up in the moment, employ some adult wisdom and look at what is truly being offered.

Equally this applies to the nostalgia aspect of the card. I did a reading once and this card was central to it, it was warning strongly against looking back at a past love with rose tinted glasses and reminding the person that to get through their current situation they must be realistic about the past.

This doesn’t mean there is not a place for nostalgia. I was in a stressful situation recently and my Mom left me a message on my phone, I picked it up just before I had to go and do this thing I was dreading, and in an instant I was little again, and she was giving me a pep talk, and this little look back to the past gave me the confidence to do what I had to do in the present.

Be true with your memories and use them wisely.



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