Two cards, two days…..

I am using the Dame Darcy Mermaid Deck at the moment for my daily cards draw. You can have a good look at the deck by following this link to one of my favorite tarot sites...Little Red Tarot. Although if you have found my back water tarot blog, I am sure you already know this one!

Yesterday I pulled the Six of Cups, and straight away without a minutes pause I thought ‘proposal’ – oh my little skipped a beat – someone was going to ask me to marry them! Obviously I would have to turn them down, as I have been happily married to the King of Pentacles for the last 10 years but still it was exciting! For me in the Dame Darcy deck, the Six of Cups is absolutely a proposal – look at the picture. It is more usual thought to read it in the RWS deck as nostalgia, a looking back to childhood. As it turned out my day yesterday was dominated by a proposal, it was work and not love related and it was completely unexpected and gave me the opportunity to be truthful about something I had not been up front about to keep a confidence. I always hate doing that, but if  I tell someone I will keep a secret, I will, no matter how heavy it weighs on me.

Today I have pulled the Two of Wands, it is exactly how I feel today. Decision time. Should I stay or should I go? This is a card to look before you leap, it is a card to recognise what you have and also feel that yearning in your soul for new horizons.

But for now, I am bolted to the ground with those two wands employing Temperance to keep my head and my eyes open.




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