New ‘Wold’ Moon

January 28th 2017 at 12.08am will be the first New Moon of 2017, this current Moon having been born on the 29th December 2016. I love the New Moon, maybe even more than the Full Moon, as I relish the opportunity to leave behind stale energy and welcome some new influences and a growing sense of purpose. The last few nights have offered some beautiful ‘Arabian’ feeling night scapes, with a low waning crescent moon and a deep velvet sky surrounded by a host of stars.

This New Moon like all Moons has many different names across differing cultures and traditions. Some self explanatory and some more arcane. The most popular being;

  • Snow Moon
  • Hunger Moon
  • Trapper Moon
  • Wold Moon
  • Ice Moon
  • Storm Moon
  • Chaste Moon

Most of the above are pretty self explanatory, the ‘Hungry Moon’ rather than ‘Hunger Moon’ has more yearning in it. I did also find a few references to the ‘Chaste Moon’ being associated with the first New Moon of the year, and this is linked to a desire to greet the New Year with a clear soul. All of the names relate to the harshness of the weather or the need to hunt or trap to eat, apart from one, the ‘Wold’ Moon. Wold is a British word for a high stretch of land or moor. I can find no reference as to why this Moon may have picked up the name of the Wold Moon in some Almanacs, but I am going to use poetic licence and imagine that like me, our ancestors looked out over a moonlit wold, at a crescent moon in a velvet sky, and with the rest of the landscape so barren with cold, decided that this moon could really have no other name.

Overall though this Moon is one for purification and healing, not for grand plans or major changes, just stand still, take stock and begin to build energy for the year ahead.


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