Organic Whipped Body Butter

This is a really simple way to make a 100% organic and natural body butter that is kind enough to use on sensitive skin and that will sooth and moisturise the driest of skins. You also only need to most basic of kitchen equipment.


  • 50g-100g Organic Raw Cocoa Butter
  • 50g-100g Organic Raw Shea Butter
  • 50g – 100g Organic Coconut Oil

Optional Ingredients;

  • Essential Oils of you choice – up to 15 drops per batch
  • I used Ylang Ylang, Patchouli and Jasmine in this batch as I wanted an exotic, sensual smell.

Kitchen Equipment;

  •  1 jar big enough to hold the finished butter – use the amount you used in the first instance as a guideline to how big this needs to be. I tend to keep nice glass jars that have held other products or food.
  • 1 Bain Marie – or a sauce pan with a heat resistant bowl that sits comfortably on top.
  • 1 hand whisk or electric whisk

You can source really good quality raw ingredients through Amazon, I usually use Amazon for this and have never had a problem. Simply add all the raw ingredients to the bain marie and melt gently over the boiling water. You can use any combination of Cocoa/Shea/Coconut Oil, and this is a good recipe for using stray ingredients from other projects. The mixture take up to 10 minutes to melt, just keep a eye on it. Once it is all melted take the bowl away from the heat and leave the mixture to cool. You can pop it in the fridge if you are short on time. When the mixture is semi-set, so soft enough you can still pop your finger into it but hard enough that the mix is opaque, this is the point to add any essential oils you may wish too. When you have added the oils you can them whisk the mixture. I use an electric whisk but you can do this by hand, it just takes a bit more effort. This will turn the mix into a soft whipped cream like consistency. When you are happy with the result transfer to your clean sterilised glass jar. This body butter will last for up to 6 months. It can sometimes go slightly more firm, like a balm, it is still really easy to use as it will melt beautifully when it comes into contact with your warm skin. I have found this to be really good for my dry skin, and I have used a version of this without the essential oils to ward away stretch marks throughout my last pregnancy.

body butter


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