Full Grass Moon in Scorpio

Another passionate full moon is due tomorrow. Not only is this the Grass or Egg moon, full of the renewed energy of the earth, abundant fertility and multiple possibilities, but it is also in the sign of Scorpio. The moon has been in the balanced, calm Libra for the past few days and with the sun shining and the moon waxing the evenings have felt very tranquil and relaxed, but this is set to change tomorrow,expect a more intense feeling in the air.

This is a wonderful time to use this renewed energy to spring clean the house and tidy the garden. Bring a vase inside with as much fresh greenery and early blooms as you can find. Bake a cake with the first new sprigs of thyme or Rosemary (herbs work incredibly well in lemon cake) or make a tea from the new shoots of fresh Mint. Surround yourself as much as you can with this new burst of life, light and green and welcome those energies into your home, heart and garden.

With Beltane just around the corner, this full moon is a good time to plan new starts, create good foundations for the year to come and embark on new projects, plans or mindsets. This is the moon for fertility, fun and new beginnings so make the most of it by just taking the time to get outside and look up.

Happy full moon x 



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  2. I need renewed energy!

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