The New Seed Moon in Pisces

Wednesday is the birth of a new Moon in Pisces. The Seed Moon is linked with growth and fertility and is traditionally a great time for clearing clutter, removing old growth (including old routines and habits) and generally clearing the old to make way for the new. The Seed Moon is a powerful Moon for clearing negativity and channelling this energy into new projects and mind frames.

The New Moon in Pisces will see strong aspects of Pisces gain in strength over the coming two weeks, therefore it is an excellent time for fostering the imagination, getting in touch with your dreams, connecting or revising your ideals and turning these aspirations into new beginnings. The Pisces/Seed Moon combination make this a wonderful time for taking a ‘leap of faith’ and turning some of those dreams into a reality.

This is a wonderful time for taking a break from the routine, or even scraping the routine altogether! Bring something new into your life, do something different, don’t go with the tried and tested and trust your imagination and intuition to guide you in the direction you wish to go.

For ritual work New Moons are always good for growth and attraction, this is enhanced with the Seed Moon energy also being fertility and growth, I would also work water into any ritual works to compliment the Pisces aspect and also to strengthen the connection with the emotions and imagination.

Happy New Moon!



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