Welcome your Inner Cat – Full Cold Moon in Leo

Sunday 24th January will see the years first full moon. The Moon is the Cold Moon and it will enter the full phase as it moves through Leo. Full Moons are always special as they represent a time that the energy of the Sun and the Moon are ‘in balance’ creating strength and energy – particularly for any magical workings.

The Cold Moon is a Moon for inner reflection, cleansing, balance and focus. However Leo is a dynamic sign, and will bring an energy of strength, creativity, playfulness and leadership. This will be a good Moon for setting your intentions for the coming spring and summer months and the Leo energy will add creativity and fire energy when beginning to divine what the next season will bring for you. It will also be a passionate Full Moon, that will have a certain sensuality to it. It is also not too early in the year to begin to sense the first green shoots of spring in the air, Imbolc is just around the corner, so use this moon to recharge your energy mentally and physically and tap into the Leo strength and sensuality.

Leo’s can get a lot of bad press (my sun sign is Leo – I know!)  and we often get presumed to be overly proud, domineering, egotistical and dramatic and yes at times, Leo can bring those influences but use this Moon to enhance all the positive aspects of Leo such as generosity, fierce loyalty and passion. Leo really is just a big pussy cat after all.

Herbs for the Full Moon – I would suggest that Bay would be appropriate for any ritual workings you may be doing, as this is closely associated with Leo and will still be available fresh in your gardens if you are lucky enough to have your own Bay Tree. Bay is ideal for purification, protection and divination. It is wonderful when a small amount is thrown into a fire as the oil acts much like pine oil and will burn spectacularly giving off the most wonderful aroma. You can write wishes on the leaves and bury them in the garden to encourage the wishes to grow. You can also try sleeping with Bay Leaves under your pillow to attract prophetic dreams.To use to attract love, offer the leaves to the fire whilst being clear of your intent. Bay ‘Wish Boxes’ can also be given to friends/family – which are decorated and hold 3 leaves inside – they can then make a wish during the next waxing moon.  Take a few leaves of Bay out with you in your purse to deter unwanted male attention. Bay is also excellent for expelling negative energy, place leaves in the corners of your room to protect the inhabitants, or place a few leaves in a jar or glass half filled with Sea Salt, this will also help to purify the space.

Most importantly as with any Full Moon – get out under it! Feel the energy in the air and welcome your inner cat!



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