New January ‘Cold Moon’

I find a New Moon to be as powerful as a Full Moon on the everyday aspects of my life. I look forward to using the renewed energy of a New Moon to act as a watershed to patterns of the past few weeks and then to use the building energy of the waxing moon to enhance this. This months New Moon will be happening on Sunday 10th January at 1.30am (GMT – Northern Hemisphere) and will be in Capricorn.

The Cold Moon – Following the old English moon names this will be a new ‘Cold Moon’ in other traditions this is known as the ‘Snow Moon’ ‘Ice Moon’ ‘Trapper Moon’ and the ‘Storm Moon’. All of the names reflect that January is usually the coldest and harshest of the months. I feel however, that it is often in these cold January days that you can experience some of the best gifts of nature, such as the very first fresh green buds on an early tree that look almost luminous against the barren stems, and the magic of a single Robin come to rest in the garden. There is as much beauty in a cold, frosty January morning, and the shadows on the landscape that the low bright sun, unique to this time of year brings as any sunny July day and it is this quiet, almost poignant magic that lives in the Cold Moon as well as the need for retreat and inner analysis. As the natural world rests, it is time for us to rest too, but use the patter of the rain, the single song of a bird and the last low ray of evening sunlight as inspiration  to begin to imagine what the coming seasons of growth and warmth may bring you. Use those unexpected moments of hidden magic and the New Cold Moon energy to begin to fill your soul back up.

My recommended Herb for the Cold Moon…..has to be Sage. Easily accessible and still going strong in most gardens Sage is a stalwart of Winter Herbs. Sage works perfectly with the energy of this Moon as it is healing, cleansing and purifying. This time of year is an excellent time for ‘smudging’ and if you purchase a smudge stick it is most likely to be White Sage, although you can make your own from tightly bound and dried Sage from your garden. Use Sage in any Moon rituals you may be undertaking, or simply add a bunch to dry in the Kitchen. Sage carried virtues of strength, mental health, wisdom and protects against ill wishes. Can also be added to cleaning washes and sprays or of course for cooking with!




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