Transformation Spell – Perfect for the New Year

This is a basic ritual to generate transformation energy for anything from a new job, a new home or a new partner. It symbolises leaving the old and welcoming the new and as such ideally should be performed after the New Moon (next New Moon Sunday 10th Jan 2016).

You will need……

  • 1 pair of old shoes
  • 1 pair of new shoes
  • 1 stick of chalk (or a line in the earth/beach)
  • A fire
  1. Pick somewhere outdoors – ideally your garden, as you will need a fire in a fire pit or a chiminea etc
  2. Wear your old shoes.
  3. Light the fire and whilst doing this imagine the new changes you would like to see take place.
  4. Be aware of the New Moon energy as well, and whilst imagining this new change feel how it will build and begin to take shape as the moon grows stronger.
  5. Draw a line on the ground and place your new shoes on one side of it.
  6. Stand on the other side of the line and jump over it – make it a big jump that you need to put some effort into.
  7. Put on your new shoes and say ‘goodbye and thank you’ to your old shoes.
  8. Then place your old shoes in the fire.
  9. Ideally when the fire has cooled down scatter the ashes.



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