Garden Spells……

This is an extract from a book I read last year, it was quite a sentimental book, not something I would usually read but I did enjoy it and adored the tiny section at the back that gave just a few sentences on which flowers and petals to use in cooking at a dinner party to create the desired outcome……..

Extract from ‘Garden Spells’ Sarah Addison Allen

From the Waverley Kitchen Journal

Angelica – Will shape its meaning to your need, but it is particularly good for calming hyper children at your table.

Anise Hyssop – Eases frustration and confusion.

Bachelor’s Button – Aids in finding things that were previously hidden. A clarifying flower.

Chicory – Conceals Bitterness. Gives the eater a sense that all is well. A cloaking flower.

Chive Blossom – Ensures you will win an argument. Conveniently, also an antidote for hurt feelings.

Dandelion – A stimulant for encouraging faithfulness. Frequent side effects are blindness to flaws and spontaneous apologies.

Honeysuckle – For seeing in the dark, but only if you use honeysuckle from a brush of vines at least two feet thick. A clarifying flower.

Hyacinth Bulb – Causes melancholy and thoughts of past regrets. Use only dried bulbs. A time-travel flower.

Lavender – Raises spirits. Prevents bad decisions resulting from fatigue or depression.

Lemon Balm – Upon consumption, for a brief period of time the eater will feel as he did in his youth. Please note that if you have any former hellions at your table before serving. A time-travel flower.

Lemon Verbena – Produces a lull in conversation with a mysterious lack of awkwardness. Helpful when you have nervous, overly talkative guests.

Lilac – When a certain amount of humility is in order. Gives confidence that humbling yourself to another will not be used against you.

Marigold – Causes affection, but sometimes accompanied by jealousy.

Nasturtium – Promotes appetite in men. Makes women secretive. Secret sexual liaisons sometimes occur in mixed company. Do not let your guests out of your sights.

Pansy – Encourages the eater to give compliments and surprise gifts.

Peppermint – A clever method of concealment. When used with other edible flowers, it confuses the eater, thus concealing the true nature of what you are doing. A cloaking flower.

Rose Geranium – Produces memories of past good times.Opposite of Hyacinth Bulb. A time-travel flower.

Rose Petal – Encourages Love.

Snapdragon – Wards off the undue influence of others, particularly those with magical sensibilities.

Squash and Zucchini (Courgette) Blossoms – Serve when you need to be understood. Clarifying flowers.

Tulip – Gives the eater a sense of sexual perfection. A possible side effect is being susceptible to the opinions of others.

Violet – A wonderful finish to a meal. Induces calm, brings on happiness, and always assures a good night’s sleep………..

garden spells


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