Herbs for the Summer Solstice

These words are taken from the amazing book ‘Master Book of Herbalism’ by Paul Beyerl – I coud’nt resist his suggestions for Elder.

‘Who can resist going out to play when we can frolic in the woodlands until late at night?……

Chamomile; Used to invoke the God, Chamomile will make us aware of the Father of Nature.

Elder; If you have enough of the child in you, go stand among Elder groves on Midsummer’s Eve, and you are sure to see the little people and the faeries.

Fennel; This is the night to have bunches of ribbon-tied fennel hanging at the portals of your home.

Hemp; An interesting divination is to sow Hemp seed around a church; the first person you see will be your new love.

Lavender; A bonfire is a very common element of the midsummer rituals. Traditionally, you would toss some of the lavender into the fire to ensure a safe year.

Mistletoe; If you desire any Mistletoe for magical purposes, you should gather it this night.

Mugwort; Use this herb for ritual bath and the ritual cup.

Roses; decorate with red roses. You may use red rose petals in your incense and to bless the circle.

Saint John’s Wort; This is the time to gather this herb, and also to cast some into the fire.

Verbena; At Midsummer, gather the new Verbena you will need for the coming year, and throw the old into the fire.


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