The Flower Moon

Yesterday was the birth of a new Moon. The new Moon in May is the Flower Moon in old English, but is also knows as;

  • Native American; Strawberry Moon
  • Colonial; Rose Moon
  • Celtic; Horses Moon
  • Wiccan; Dyad Moon
  • Pagan; Planting Moon

The Moon is currently in Gemini but was born a Taurean and will be full on 2nd June.

New Moon in Taurus; The Flower Moon marks the beginning of the time of abundance as we head towards the summer solstice. Use the energy in this waxing Moon for planting the seeds of ambitious projects and finding the energy to forge ahead with existing plans, the grounding energy of Taurus will help to make these things possible. Now is the time for plenty and exuberance, get out into the garden or the countryside and you can literally feel the energy in the air – you can watch plants grow significantly in only 24 hours such is the energy from the sun and in the earth. As Taurus is also ruled by Venus and combining this with the power of the Flower Moon make this a wonderful time for fertility and love, for
rekindling old flames and finding romance in unexpected places.

Ritual and Magic; this is the time for growth rituals that focus on positivity, abundance, fertility and love. Use the strong earth energy to ground and tame any situations that may be becoming wayward and running wild as nature will begin to do at this time of year. Use the natural world to reflect intent and purpose, whether this be the waxing Flower Moon or a sprig of plucked rampant mint – a great time for simple Kitchen witchcraft.

I will be using the growing moon energy to plant out my Spring seeds in my re-worked Apothecary Garden, including White Borage, Horehound, Feverfew and Lovage in the hope that the energy of the Flower Moon will give them the best start in life out in my garden. Now is not the time for inward reflection, now is the time for energy, plenty, ambition and outward actions grounded in the warm energy of the earth.

Image; Rainbow Moon in the Sky

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