Watercress and Undines

I have just planted a batch of Watercress seeds in my garden for some ‘cut and come again’ salad and then I came across this wonderful extract in Paul Beyerls Master Book of Herbalism, and I loved it……….I did not know any of this about Watercress, but really interesting the connection to water elementals and the chariot card, I also did not know of its visionary properties.

“This is a true herbe of the water creatures, magically symbolised by elementals called ‘undines’. Magickally, Watercress is carried in a bit of red flannel to bring safety for those travelling in boats, or flying across the waters. Watercress is also known as a Visionary Herbe: if included in the morning breakfast at daybreak, visions and dreams may result the following night. In tarot, this herbs helps to understand the Chariot card.

Watercress may be made into a wash to anoint ans stimulate the third eye for a better balance of energies and understanding of the human condition’

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