Herbs for Beltane (May Eve)

‘hooray hooray for the month of May, outdoor loving starts today’

Extracts from the wonderful ‘Master Book of Herbalism’ by Paul Beyerl

Who can resist the pleasures of May? The sun in romantic Taurus, the seeds planted in the fields, and the work of weeding and tilling balanced by rapture, for the trees are lush and the earth is in bloom. At last it is almost summer and we celebrate the changes in the weather and energy. There are many who celebrate the old festival of Beltane – the turning point in the wheel of the year.

Selection of Herbs, Plants and Flowers to enhance your celebrations…..

Frankincense; to be added to incense to celebrate the growing sunlight.

Ivy; to be worn in wreaths around the head.

Marigold Petals; gathered from the previous Autumn and used to purify your circle.

May Baskets; small baskets of flowers and home made treats to be left at the doors of friends – this should be done anonymously as if a gift from the universe itself.

Meadowsweet; To be used in magic if you want a May Eve wish for a romantic mate.

Roses; Any roses are appropriate for this ritual.

Woodruff; If possible source some Woodroof May Wine.

Happy Beltane! and let the May Eve fires roar!

Image from deviantart.com


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