Comfrey & Dandelion

This is my first post linked to The Pagan Experience Project and this week the topic is C and/or D. Plants and Herbs provide an essential link to nature for many Pagans, whether this is full-on gardening or a few essential culinary herbs on your kitchen windowsill, and I am certainly no different. What I personally love are native wildflowers, herbs, and plants, and finding easy ways to use these plants in every day life – it gives me a sense of connection with both the earth and when we lived more in harmony with the seasons. So this week C is for Comfrey and D is for Dandelion and here are a few little facts about them and a simple ways to use them;

C is for Comfrey

Comfrey is a wonderful hardy perennial that is really useful, especially in the garden. It is a member of the Borage family and has pretty, pale flowers from May until July. Comfrey enjoys dappled shade and will grow to be a substantial size if you don’t consistently harvest it. The best use fo Comfrey is as a fertiliser, simply harvest the leaves and scatter across compost heaps, or dig directly into the soil or (this is the best one!) get a bucket of water and fill with as many comfrey leaves as you can sensibly harvest and then leave to infuse for 2 weeks. It will absolutely stink so leave it somewhere it is not going to make you feel sick every time you go in the garden, then after the two weeks you have the best, inexpensive tomatoe and potatoe feed you can buy! Honestly, use this on your veg patch and they will love you for it! Comfrey should not be used internally or on any open wounds as it is toxic to the Liver, you can use it as a compress on rashes, swelling and inflammation and it will work wonders sprains and bruises. Just wet the leave sin warm water, squeeze the excess water out and then apply directly. I had a patch of Comfrey arrive in my garden, I have no memory of planting it, but a couple of years ago it appeared and it has made me very happy. Must have been the faeries! 😉

D is for Dandelion

Technically a weed, but who cannot love a little Dandelion in their lives? I did a post at the New Year with more details about Dandelion  – follow the link if you fancy – Dandelion – New Beginnings so this is just really a quick recipe for easy Dandelion Tea;

  • 8 Dandelion flowers
  • 12 oz/340ml Boiling water
  • 1 tsp Chamomile Flowers
  • Honey or sugar to taste

Pour boiling water over flowers and let steep for five minutes. Add honey or sugar. This is the taste of pure sunshine! if you use enough honey!

Belle x


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