Gardening by the Moon

As Spring slowly begins to take hold, those of us who enjoy planting and growing will undoubtedly be thinking of the garden and plans for the coming year. For me this year I am going to try to stick to the sowing and harvesting cycles as dictated by the Moon. Based on the Moons proven influence on water, the general principle would seem to be;

  • Plant things whose strength lies above ground whilst the Moon is waxing
  • Plant those whose strength lies below ground when the Moon is waning

What does this mean? Think about the plant, where does it strength lie? Where and how does it fruit? How does it flower if at all? What bit of it can you eat? Does it have extensive woody roots or does it require shallow soil like many salads etc

  • Potatoes – below ground – plant out when waning
  • Tomatoes – above ground – plant out when waxing
  • Basil – above ground – plant when waxing
  • Sweet Peas – above ground – plant when waxing

I would say mainly as a rule of thumb, plant such as perennial shrubs would be below ground – surely there strengths lies in the ability to take root and stay constant year after year, whereas annuals would be above ground – all the activity takes place above ground in one single season. For fruits, vegetables and herbs think about what bit of it is eaten. You can even go one step further and match to the quarter;

New to first quarter; plant leafy annuals and herbs

First quarter to full; flowering annuals, above ground fruit, veg and vines

Full to third quarter; perennials, root veg and bulbs

Third Quarter to Dark; weed and maintain – addressing any pests!

Harvesting can be done from the full moon through to the dark moon.

Happy Planting!

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