Dark Herbal Hair Rinse

This is a basic vinegar based herbal hair rinse that is best suited to dark hair (just substitute the rosemary for chamomile if you have lighter hair) and will leave your hair shiny and free from build up left by products and some shampoos. I have tried to only use fresh ingredients you can still find in the garden now, so this can be made using fresh herbs. You are going to have to three quarter fill a jar and then seal it, so the amounts will vary on the size of your jar!


  •  Enough white wine or cider vinegar to fill your jar to the top.
  •  One sterilised jar (straight out the dishwasher will be fine for this recipe)
  •  One suitable bottle to pour into afterwards
  •  One handful of fresh Rosemary
  •  One handful of fresh Lavender
  •  One handful of fresh Lemon Balm (Melissa)

Fill your selected jar two thirds full with your herbs, give them a push down to release the essential oils and then cover with your selected vinegar. Seal the jar and keep in a warm, sunny spot for two weeks, turning occasionally. A windowsill will be fine or a conservatory. After two weeks strain the liquid into a jug and store in your selected sterilised bottle – the glass bottles you get olive oil work well, or the ones you can buy to store your own infused olive oils.

When you come to use it, pour around a cupful into a jug, dilute it with warm water and then use as your final rinse for your hair, I promise it won’t leave your hair feeling/smelling vinegary – but will leave it really soft and silky. The rinse will keep for 1 year.

Image is from Pavonia by Frederic Leighton


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