Florida Water

After my recent eerie trip to the seaside I felt some cleansing was required to get as many ‘good spirits’ back around me as possible. This is actually a recipe I have written down in a book and I didn’t write its origin, but I have made up this mixture several times and it works very well – although I have also added Rosemary. These are my notes and these are how you make it – courtesy of the author of whichever book this is from.

Name; Florida Water – American version of Cologne Water

What is it for?; Cleansing the household, welcoming good spirits, honouring the ancestors, protection against bad spirits and hexing.


500ml of distilled water (or 16ozs) (you can use freshly boiled and slightly cooled water)

150ml Vodka

6 drops of Lavender Oil

2 drops of Clove Oil

4 drops of Bergamot Oil

4 drops of Rosemary

Mix together and use to clean work surface and add to your bucket when mopping the floor. This water can also be used to spray on dried herbs above or around your doors and windows to attract the above energies into your home. Bunch together some dried Bay, Rosemary and Lavender, weave in some chilli peppers and even cinnamon sticks. When I came back from the seaside I did actually feel like I still had some negative energies around me – not trying to do anything – just taking up energy – so I made a oil version of the above and rubbed all over after a shower/bath;

12ml Almond Oil

2 drops Lavender

2 drops Bergamot

2 drops Rosemary

1 drop Clove

This handily left me with some spare vodka……………….


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