November New Moon

The November New Moon will be born today (Saturday 22nd 2014) at 12.33pm. This Moon is known by many different names such as; The Beaver Moon, The Dark Moon, The Snow Moon, The Tree Moon, The Owl Moon and The Frost Moon. Possible origins of the name relate to November being the time to set traps for animals before the water froze over, or being the time that Beavers would set their dams, more obvious weather/agricultural references can of course be seen in the Frost Moon and The Snow Moon – although in the UK we rarely see snow in November anymore it is often the first time we get a significant frost. I personally think of this Moon as The Owl Moon as for me I see the qualities of this beautiful, other worldly creature in the aspects of this Moon. However what is important for this new moon is that it will rise in Sagittarius – so for me this Moon belongs also to the Archer.

The Owl Moon aspects to focus on;

  • Use the wisdom of the owl to reflect on past behaviours and decide what is healthy to take forward and what is best to leave behind – new moons are always cleansing and represent clean slates.
  • Owls were often thought to take the souls of the dead to the underworld – and who can question this belief if you have ever been lucky enough to witness a white owl swoop silently through a dark woods – it is the closest living thing to a ghost you will witness – use this connection to the other side to ask your ancestors/guides/loved ones to support you and show you the lighted path.
  • Use the strength and maturity of the owl to guide you through the winter nights and to make good decisions when deciding what to take with you and what to leave behind – December, January and February can be cold, dark months and it is important to be prepared.

Sagittarius – The Archer

  • This moon is filled with the power of Sagittarius – Adventure, Optimism and Enthusiasm – use that wonderful arrow of creativity to blaze a trail of starry hopes across your winter sky and harness that energy in the air to bring some of those hopes and dreams into reality.
  • Honour the battles of the past – load them onto your cross bow and let them go!
  • Imagine that night flying snowy owl swooping down into the night, imagine that blazing arrow flying across the sky and getting stronger each night until the Full Moon – where are they heading? What are they aiming for? Use that wonderful Sagittarius imagination to guide you.
  • At least one time in the next 14 days, wear something sparkly, drink a glass of champagne and remember we all have a bow and arrow to hand when we need it (if you cant find Sagittarius when you look up at the sky – Orion will do!)


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