Burning herbs for cleansing and purification is an important part of many religions and cultures with incense playing a role in many key ceremonies. Smudging your home does not need to be elaborate but I find it does help to clear the air, generally acts as ‘clean slate’ and is a nice process to go through. You can make your own ‘smudge stick’, dried sage, lavender and rosemary works well. Dry the leaves for a few weeks by hanging upside down in an area where the air can circulate, then tightly bind the dried herbs with string. You can also buy pre-prepared smudge sticks – usually white sage, relatively cheaply.

I always start at my front door and work from the front of the house to the back working firstly around the area in a clockwise direction, make sure to ‘waft’ the smoke into corners. I like to have a window open at the back of the house or even the back door and as I walk around the room I try to imagine negative energies and feelings leaving the space, and positive ones replacing them. I then work around the house in a clockwise movement from room to room. After each room has been smudged I sometimes let the stick naturally burn out, if you only light a small part it will do this, or gently press into a heat proof ceramic saucer/plate to extinguish.

After this is complete I then mop all my floors with really hot water and the below essential oils;

  • 8 drops rosemary
  • 8 drops lavender
  • 8 drops orange

Not only will your house smell good and be fully cleansed, but I guarantee next time you leave the house and walk back in you should notice a quality of ‘lightness’ in the air.



  1. I do this on New Years Day with Sage – wise to get rid of negative energies lurking in corners 😉


    1. That is great idea for New Year – I always take my tree down on the 2nd Jan, so could be a good ritual to incorporate into this.

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  2. These oils have incredable health benefits.


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