The Hunters Moon

Blood Moon – October 8th will see the full moon known as ‘The Hunters Moon’, for those of you in North America this will also bring with it a full lunar eclipse that coincides with the setting sun, also creating a ‘Blood Moon‘, when the Moon appears red in the sky. Sadly for those of us in the UK however we will not be able to see this.

Moon of Artemis – Traditionally known as The Hunters Moon by Native Americans there is evidence that the name was also in use in the UK as early as the 1700s. The light from this moon would have been used to hunt wild animals in preparation for the winter ahead. It was also known by the Anglo-Saxon people as ‘The Blood Moon’ as this is the time they would slaughter surplus livestock. The Hunters Moon is the only moon of the year that is visibly in the night sky throughout all of the night, as it rises just after sunset and sets just before sunrise – it is a true moon, and I personally think of this moon in particualr as belonging to Artemis (Diana) Goddess of the Hunt, Forests and Hills, The Moon and Archery.

Full Moon Ritual – The Hunters Moon is a time for letting go, inner cleansing and for considering karma and reincarnation as the world around us dies. Full moon magic in itself is good for banishing unwanted influences and releasing old patterns and the Hunters Moon enhances these properties. A good way to celebrate the Hunters Moon is to have a fire and to burn representations of what you want to leave behind, be it destructive behaviours, illnesses, money troubles or the influence of certain people. To make it even more cleansing you could burn some dried sage and bay (see previous post) bound with your intentions and given with full intent. You can call on Artemis to assist you with this, whilst at the same time recognising the power, beauty and necessity of the Hunt. Think of the wild forest and woods around your home, and imagine how they look under the light of the moon (better still go and be in them), and imagine the hunters of old, and the still real magic of catching a glimpse of a wild stag or deer. Just remember to leave a small offering and thanks afterwards, food left out for wild animals works well.

The Veil – With Samhain (Halloween) only a few weeks away now, use this moon to prepare for the time in which the veil between the worlds is the thinnest – let go of everything that needs to die, be prepared to work for what you need to thrive during the winter months and be ready to be open to any assistance and guidance the other side may wish to give you at this time. We are closer to them now than at any other time during the year – let the bow and arrow of Artemis be your guide.

Featured Image is courtesy of an interactive illustration iPad game/poem you can find here…

Under the full Hunters’ Moon

of a late October night

a young Joseph Sound

collects the spirits

of the beasts

he has come to know

in order to seek

council in the dark

Other image is from


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