Harvest Moon

Also known as the Barley Moon, the Singing Moon or the Wine Moon, the Harvest Moon is the moon closest to the Autumn Equinox – Mabon (Northern Hemisphere – 23rd September). The Harvest Moon is particularly special as due to the moons orbital path, for a few nights only at this time of year the time between successive moon rises shrinks to the yearly minimum, creating an early moon rise and the illusion of successive nights of full moons. This was especially significant in agricultural times as this gave farmers extra light each evening during the busy harvest period and it was believed it was a sign of cooperation from the Gods. This year also see’s this months Harvest Moon as the last of the ‘Super Moons’ so definitely worth a glance up to the sky. It is also more common for the Harvest Moon to be more colourful – often reflecting the golds and bronzes creeping into the landscape as Autumn sets in.

The Harvest Moon is a good time to clear clutter and start thinking of the winter months to come. It is also a good time to appreciate all you have and focus on prosperity and abundance. In the past this Moon would have been celebrated with drinking, dancing and singing (hence the Singing Moon and Wine Moon) as people celebrated the end of the Harvest. So why not take some extra time this evening to enjoy a glass of wine under the light of the moon and thank the earth for all she gives us.


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