Bath Parcel

The combination of Oatmeal and Epsom Salts is a match made in heaven for your skin and this is a really easy way to enjoy a luxurious smelling, feeling and beneficial bath. I have called it a ‘Bath Parcel’ but its more like a little cushion that you run the bath water through using string, ribbon or an elastic band to secure it under the running water. Then, when you are ready remove it and use it as an all over body wash/scrub whilst still wrapped inside the Muslin cloth. This gives you a milky soft bath and baby smooth skin. Simple ingredients and easy to make, just remember to rinse the bath out afterwards.

What you will need;

  • 1 Muslin cloth (I use one of many Liz Earle Cleanser Cloths) or square of regular Muslin
  • String, Ribbon or Elastic Band
  • 1 large handful of Oatmeal
  • 2 Tablespoons of Epsom Salt

Optional Extras – dependent on Skin Type or what you have to hand;

  • 1 Tablespoon Camomile flowers
  • 1 sprinkle of Lavender flowers
  • 4 drops of Lavender Oil as this is good for all skin types

Open out your Muslin Cloth and layer the ingredients so you get a good mixture on the outside and the inside, add your oils if using to the centre of the mixture, then secure in a ball using your string/ribbon/elastic. You can then attach this just under your tap and let the water pour through. After soaking for 10 minutes detach from your tap and rub all over for light ex-foliation and gentle cleansing.

Oatmeal – Cleansing, healing and anti-inflammatory, Oatmeal is naturally high in silica and therefore great for skin, nail and hair. They will benefit the most sensitive of skin.

Epsom Salts – High in Magnesium and Sulfate both elements are easily absorbed by the skin. Epsom Salts have numerous health benefits and will help ease aches and pains, will help to shift colds and congestion and draw toxins away from the body. As the Magnesium is absorbed through the skin it helps the body make serotonin that promotes feelings of calm and relaxation.

Camomile Flowers – Calming, sooth and healing for the skin, high in anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory.

Lavender Flowers/Essential Oil – Creates a wonderful fragrance and the benefits of Lavender are numerous – Lavender will help acne, sooth eczema, boost the healing process for burns, cuts and grazes, ease tired and aching muscles and generally promote a feeling of relaxation and well being.

Both Lavender and Camomile are easy to grow and dry at home, they are also accessible and safe essential oils, and have between them a wide range of health and beauty benefits.



  1. That looks really good!


    1. Thank you very much-Oatmeal on your skin is really lovely-not so great all over your bathroom as I am finding out! Ha ha


      1. Hahaha!
        You have to do it over newspaper, as if you’re painting 🙂


      2. It’s the plug holes, and also I’m just messy! 🙂


  2. Stephanie365

    Reblogged this on Woman With Coils and commented:
    Since going natural I have been so into going natural with the products I use not just on my hair but for my entire body and well being. I do ample research to find products that are predominantly natural with no harmful additives. I doubt I’ll ever go back to using products that are not so. I am even starting to want to make these all natural bath items. This started out as just a thing to do to achieve longer hair but it’s gradually becoming a lifestyle 🙂


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