Herb of the Week: Camomile

Soothing Camomile – Camomile is one of my favourite herbs. I dream of having a beautifully scented, velvety Camomile Lawn to stretch out on and skip over. Not only is it a wonderful herb to grow it has many health and vitality benefits and is a really accessible herb to use if you want to grow it yourself or use pre-prepared Camomile teas, creams or oils. There is nothing like running your fingers through those feathery stems on a sunny day and releasing all that sweet apple aroma.

Camomile and Skin – Camomile can be used cosmetically as a anti-inflammatory, it is excellent to use as a massage oil as flavonoids and essential oils penetrate below the skins surface to the deeper skin layers creating a soothing effect. Camomile has long been used to calm sensitive skin and to provide anti-ageing benefits via its wide array of anti-oxidants- it ha sbeen traced back to ancient Egypt. My next post will be a really easy ‘make at home’ Camomile face scrub/mask that I find works brilliantly when my skin needs balancing. Camomile can also be used a lotion or cream to ease the effects of Eczema and other skin disorders.

Camomile Tea is by far one of the most popular and accessible herbal teas you can drink. The soothing effects of Camomile make it ideal for combating anxiety, stress and sore muscles. It can also help protect against cancer, high blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis and heart disease by its overall anti-inflammatory, blood thinning and anti-oxidant effects on the whole body.

Making Camomile Tea – There are some wonderful off the shelf Camomile Teas to buy, I particularly like Dr Stuarts Whole Camomile Flowers Tea, as it really does use the whole flower and this makes the best tea. However if  you are lucky enough to have some Camomile in your garden, it is very easy to make your own. Just pick the flowers, sift for any bugs and then leave to dry in a tray, or pick it in bunches and dry upside down on a herb drying rack. Once dried the flowers should be stored in clean jars. When you want a cup of tea use 2-3 tablespoons per mug and flavour with honey or lemon.

Camomile and Magic – Camomile is thought to symbolise purification and protection. Burn Camomile in a fire to symbolise the purification of something or someone or use in bunches in your home for protection.



  1. Loved this! Are you able to buy seeds for planting or how would you go about planting your own? And does it come back on its own or do you need to re-plant it each year?


    1. Hi, should have put that in the post shouldn’t I! There are two types of Camomile (German and Roman) Roman is low growing and is used for lawns and can be grown easily from seed and is perennial and German the more commonly seen is as annual and grows in big bushes up to a foot high. I have Roman in my garden, it comes back each year and I got my little plant from the garden centre in Spring. Both species are equally as good for tea 🙂

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