My Herb of the Week; Tansy

Tansy is a member of the Aster family and can also be known as Mugwort, Bitter Buttons or Golden Buttons. It is an easy to grow perennial but can become invasive so does need to be cut back.

Historically Tansy has been used for many purposes and was a hugely popular Herb in Britain in the 16th Century. In the past Tansy has been used for the treatment of worms (ground up and drank). It has been used as a face wash to lighten and purify the skin, and has also been used as a flavouring for biscuits with caraway seeds to be served at funerals.

Tansy is a herb of protection, immortality and embalming and has also been used to treat depression. It has also been used to treat heart problems with its roots roasted in the oven and then ground into a tea.

The best modern use of Tansy is to plant it near to your cucumbers,squash and roses and let it act as a natural insect repellent. I also like to harvest some of the stems and leaves as they come into flower (August) and hang in a bunch by the back door or an open window to keep the flies away. You can also pop a cheery bunch of Tansy on a picnic table or if you are eating outside. All in all it is a cheery late summer herb,but as with all herbs do take care if pursuing it’s more traditional uses.


1 Comment

  1. Mother Earth

    I was really stuck with how to use my Tansy bush, this article has given me loads of ideas

    Thank you, can’t wait to see next weeks herb


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